October 2018

Roof Beams continues to evolve with a beautiful, mature assessment of mortality and anxiety with “In My Prime.” What are you anxious about?  This song brings you face to face with the ways you avoid that question every day.  Do you cover it with bluster? Bravado? Simple denial? “In My Prime” is a frank self-assessment that allows the light to shine through all the holes in your armor.  At the end of the day, acceptance of those holes is a form of armor itself. The song asks more questions than it answers, but that attitude is the heart of the self-examination the song evokes using a combination of simple folk roots and complex, swelling instrumentation and harmonies.

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Washington, DC indie-rock band Roof Beams new album titled Charon, is a major step forward in musicianship and a deeply personal exploration in songwriting from frontman, Nathan Robinson.  There is an urgency to the emotional content in the 11 songs on Charon combined with a subtlety and maturity that builds effectively on their four previous releases. The folk and punk influences of Roof Beams’ past releases remain, but they are joined by indie-rock punch and arrangements that feel raw and timeless.

This album is the first Roof Beams release with a refreshed lineup including Sean Arawjo (drums, flute, trombone, bells), Phillips Saylor (guitars, banjo, vocals), Jonathan Een Newton (cello, vocals), and Chris Lombardi (bass, vocals), and they bring lush instrumentation that adds to the personal and political expressions layered in Robinson’s lyrics. 

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Nathan Robinson’s trademark vibrato gives an urgency to the songs — whether they’re political jeremiads or steadfast declarations of love, Robinson’s voice demands your attention. The band anchors his intensity with a determination of their own. This isn’t vapid indie folk: it’s a solid statement.